Rapture in Death, by J.D. Robb (#4)

>> Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Next I'm reading Rapture in Death, number 4 in the In Death series, by JD Robb. I'm rereading it because they're discussing it in a group I belong to and someone posted a yummy excerpt, so I just had to do it!

Plot summary:

They died with smiles on their faces. Three apparent suicides: a brilliant engineer, an infamous lawyer, and a controversial politician. Three strangers with nothing in common - and no obvious reasons for killing themselves. Police lieutenant Eve Dallas found the deaths suspicious. And her instincts paid off when autopsies revealed small burns on the brains of the victims. Was it a gentic abnormality or a high tech method of murder? Eve's investigation turned to the provocative world of virtual reality games - where the same techniques used to creat joy and desire could also prompt the mind to become the weapon of its own destruction.
Posted later...

I'm halfway through my reread of Rapture in Death and it's even better than I remembered. Eve is different than in the latest books. She's much more playful and lighthearted, and I like this very much. Don't get me wrong, I still like the prickly Eve, but I'm sorry, I like this one better.

Just read the following scene, which comes on page 150 or thereabouts. Doesn't your stomach clench in the final part? This scene has it all. We so seldom see the vulnerable Roarke...

"Oh, shit, I forgot." Dumping the robe on the floor, she pawed naked through her clothes. It was a process Roarke never failed to enjoy. She found a shirt of plain blue cotton, shrugged it on. "I had a couple of guys over for a quick orgy after work."

"Did you take pictures?"

She chuckled and found some jeans, remembered court, and switched to tailored slacks. "It was Leonardo and Jess. They're looking for a favor. From you."

Roarke watched as Eve started to pull on the slacks, remembered underwear, and yanked open a drawer. "Oh-oh. Will it hurt?"

"I don*t think so. And actually, I'm kind of for it. They were thinking you couid throw a party for Mavis here. Let her perform. The demo disc is done. I watched it myself last night and it's really good. It would give her a chance to, like, premiere it before they start hawking it."

"All right. We couid probably do it in a week or two. I'll check my schedule."

Half dressed, she tumed to him. "Just like that?"

"Why not? It's not a problem."

She pouted a little. "I figured I'd have to persuade you."

Anticipation lit wickedly in his eyes. "Wouid you like to?"

She fastened her slacks, kept her face bland. "Well, I really appreciate it. And since you're being so accommodating, I guess this is a good time to hit you with part two."

Idly, he poured more coffee, flicked a glance at the monitor as the off planet agriculture reports began to scroll. He'd recently bought a minifarm on Space Station Delta. "What's part two?"

"Well, Jess has worked out this one number. He ran it by me last night." She looked at Roarke, making it up as she went along. "It's a duet, really impressive. And we thought, if for the party-the live portion of the performance-you couid do it with Mavis."

He blinked, lost all interest in crops. "Do what with Mavis?"

"Perform it. Actually it was my idea," she continued, nearly losing it when he paled. "You've got a nice voice. In the shower, anyway. The Irish comes out. I mentioned it, and Jess thought it was fabulous."

He managed to shut his mouth, but it wasn't easy. Slowly he reached over to disengage the monitor. "Eve-"

"Really, it would be great. Leonardo has a terrific design for your costume."

"For my-" Thoroughly shaken, Roarke got to his feet. "You want me to wear a costume and sing a duet with Mavis? In public?"

"It would mean so much to her. Just think of the press we could get."

"Press." Now he blanched. "Christ Jesus, Eve."

"It's really a sexy number." Testing them both, she waiked over, began to toy with the buttons of his shirt as she looked hopefully up into his eyes. "It could put her right over the top."

"Eve, I'm fond of her, really I am. I just don't think-"

"You're so important." She trailed her finger down the center of his chest. "So influential. And so ... gorgeous."

It was just a little too thick. He narrowed his eyes, caught the laughter in hers. "You're putting me on."

Her laughter burst out. "You bought it. Oh, you should have seen your face." She pressed a hand to her belly, yelping when he yanked her ear. "I would have talked you into it."

"I don't think so." Not at all sure of himself, he turned away, started to reach for his coffee again.

"I could have. You'd have done it if I'd played it right." All but doubled over with laughter, she threw her arms around him, hugged herself to his back. "Oh, I love you."

He went very still as emotion delivered a hard, bruising punch to his heart. Shaken, he turned, gripped her arms.

"What?" The laughter died out of her face. He looked stunned, and his eyes were dark and fierce. "What is it?"

"You never say it." Swamped, he dragged her close and buried his face in her hair. "You never say it," he repeated.

She could do nothing but hold on, rocked by the emotions pulsing from him. Where had this come from? she wondered. Where had he hidden it? "Yes, I do. Sure I do."

"Not like that." He hadn't known how much he'd needed to hear her say it, just like that. "Not without prompting. Without thinking about it first."

She opened her mouth to deny it, then closed it again. It was true, and it was foolish, cowardly. "I'm sorry. It's hard for me. I do love you," she said quietly. "Sometimes it scares me because you're the first. And the only."

He held her there until he was sure he couid speak, then eased her back. looked into her eyes. "You've changed my life. Become my life." He touched his lips to hers, let the kiss deepen slowly, silkily. "I need you."

She linked her arms around his neck, pressed close. "Show me. Now."
...and posted later still:

Finished Rapture. Excellent book! An A-. I don't know why I never thought of it as one of my favourite In Deaths.

This is Eve and Roarke practically still in their honeymoon, and they are less "married" than in later books. They are still getting used to being so happy, and this makes for some great scenes. Eve is different here... less hard, more tolerant, I'd say. In the latest books she bullies everyone; here she is more flexible. And Peabody... she's just starting to work with Eve here, and their relationship already shows sparks of what it'll become.

The plot was ok (reminded me of Purity a little bit, actually), though it made for excellent love scenes. The one where Roarke drags Eve into a closet like an animal.... Whew! Hot! And not gratuitous either, since it helps show how Roarke wasn't always this polished and confronts him with the fact that he still has a dark side.

Not much development of Eve's backstory here, no big discovery or remembrance. Eve does wonder if stuff is genetically determined, and if so, what it means that her father was such a monster, but not much more. That's ok by me: I'm interested in Eve's past, but more interested in her present.

Problem: I don't know if I was skimming at some point and missed it, but why does Eve suddenly know it's Reeana when she sees Drew Mathias' nicks flashing across the screen? I went back and reread the previous section, but no luck. I'll have to ask around online.

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