Eye of the Beholder, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Friday, August 29, 2003

Eye of the Beholder, by Jayne Ann Krentz. I think I'm really getting into JAK's newer style.

Alexa Chambers has a flair for style, an eye for art -- and a reputation in tatters. An expert in Art Deco, she blew the whistle on an employer who was selling fakes to wealthy clients. Her payoff? No job and no prospects. Now she runs a shop in her hometown of Avalon, Arizona -- a hot spot for crystal devotees and sunset gazers. But gutsy, energetic Alexa has no intention of sitting still. She's ready to take risks to rebuild her career...and she secretly consults on an exquisite deco collection being installed at the new Avalon Resorts. Her scheme might just work -- if she can steer clear of the resort's owner, the enigmatic and possibly dangerous J. L. Trask.

Alexa was a scared teenager the last time she saw Trask, the man who accused her stepfather of murder. Insisting his dad's fatal car crash had been no accident, Trask vowed one day he'd come back to Avalon for revenge. Now, twelve years later, their meeting is inevitable. Their attraction is immediate. And their chances of bliss are infinitesimal.

Trask wants to piece together the past with Alexa's help -- and get closer to this dazzling deco diva. Alexa wants to protect her family -- and figure out Trask's real motivations. But when a killer emerges from the shadows, they have no choice but to team up to solve a deadly crime from long ago. As they trade sizzling sparks and snappy repartee loaded with sensual suggestion, their trail leads to a trendy spa called the Dimensions Institute, whose flaky denizens and strange atmosphere suggest there is more hidden there than meets the eye. They don't need a crystal ball to see that their survival -- and relationship -- depends on more than tantric breathing or a heavenly passion. They need a little help from a higher power: a true and trustworthy love
This was still lighter on the romance and heavier on the suspense than I would prefer, since the mix was better in JAK's earlier books, but I still enjoyed it. A B+.

I loved Alexa and Trask together. Their relationship developed a bit too fast, but I really liked what there was of it. JAK is a master at dialogue, and the banter between the protagonists was delightful.

The suspense subplot was interesting, though I'm tired of those little snippets from the crazy killer's POV that authors seem to be compelled to include in romantic suspense. Boring.

The setting was wonderfully atmospheric, and created a fascinating backdrop to the story. That scene where Alexa is chased by the bad guy in Shadows Canyon was beautifully done. Also of interest was the information about Art Deco. I love those little themes JAK inserts in her books!

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