>> Friday, August 22, 2003

This week the Friday Five questions are short and sweet.

1. When was the last time you laughed?

Earlier this morning, when I told my brother what I'd dreamed last night. I dreamed we had gone to the river to fish huge ravioli (it was full of them, you could see them practically bubbling in the river), but it turns out most of them were filled with peach. I did fish one with spinach filling, so that was ok. Also, my brother had a son, but he didn't know who the father was (I swear this made sense in my dream), and -even more surreal- he asked me to watch the kid while he fished.

2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?

My mother. To put it mildly, we have different political opinions. She's extreme right, I'm more like center-left (in Uruguayan politics; this would probably translate as far left in most of the rest of the world).

Our last argument was about something the archbishop of Montevideo said in an interview... he said that homosexuality was a contagious disease, and like any other contagious disease, its sufferers should be isolated and cured. Mom kind of agreed, I thought he should be sent to jail for incitement to hatred (later last night I saw on the news that a gay rights group is going to present a complaint accusing him of just that).

3. Who was the last person you emailed?

My football group, at Yahoo! Groups.

4. When was the last time you bathed?

Yesterday morning. I'm heading into the shower as soon as I post this.

5. What was the last thing you ate?

Breakfast... cold pizza left over from last night (yeah, I know, I know, not particularly healthy).


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