Full Bloom, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2003

More rereads, this time one by Jayne Ann Krentz: Full Bloom.

Emily Ravenscroft is tired of her rich, domineering parents overseeing her every move. And she is equally tired of the interference of Jacob Stone, the tough, sexy troubleshooter her family has sent after her for years to make sure she stays out of trouble. Jacob has been extremely attracted to Emily since the day he met her, but as far as he's concerned, she is strictly off-limits as the daughter of his employers. Unfortunately for his determined vow, Emily has recently decided she is tired of being dutiful, and fiercely protests when her parents sic Jacob on her once again. She doesn't want Jacob as a watchdog, she wants him for a lover, and this go-round, she's determined to change the status quo.
This was a pleasant surprise: a B+.

I hadn't read Full Bloom in ages, and I think I had it confused in my mind with Silver Linings or A Coral Kiss, because I had the distinct impression that it was some kind of jungle adventure.

It wasn't, not at all. The suspense subplot was actually very, very subtle, only serving to showcase the progress in Emily and Jacob's relationship. Case in point, Jacob's very different reactions the two times Emily is confronted by the villain. This makes it very clear that he has realized Emily is his equal and can take care of herself.

This is something the reader is gradually convinced of, too. At first, Emily comes across as a little naïve and easily manipulated, but she shows her strength fast. Her relationship with Jacob, which starts out as very uneven (with Jacob having all the power), soon becomes one between equals.

Maybe one of the reasons I mixed up this book with those other JAK was because Jacob was so similar to their heros, especially Hugh in Silver Linings. Rough edges, socially awkward and fiercely protective of his woman. However, Jacob also showed a more sensitive, less domineering side, so I had no problem liking him.

Wonderful book, though I could have done with not so "light" love scenes.

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