>> Saturday, August 30, 2003

Today I translate the questions from Las Cinco del Viernes.

1) How did you celebrate your birthday when you were a kid?

At the Montevideo Cricket Club, right after school. The clubhouse was right next to my school, so it was very convenient for the guests' parents because they only had to go pick up their children afterwards. Most of my school friends celebrated there, too.

Anyway, we usually had either a magician, or a clown, or someone who'd organize activities for us.

2) Do you still celebrate your birthdays? If you do, do you still blow out candles? If you don't, when did you stop celebrating?

No, I stopped celebrating my birthdays about 3 years ago. No reasons in particular, I just hate being the centre of attention and I never did enjoy hosting parties. 3 years ago I realized that my birthday was supposed to be a special day for me, so I shouldn't do something I don't enjoy just because it's expected. So these days, I just go out for dinner with my family.

3) Do you celebrate any anniversary or special day?

No, none. I'm not really into anniversaries, not even when I'm in a relationship. My last boyfriend was like that, too. I remember neither of us noticed our one month anniversary and after that, we decided we weren't going to make a bid deal out of them.

4) Any unforgettable birthdays, good or bad?

My dad's 60th birthday, last November. My mom's my exact opposite about parties, she loves them. She decided we were going to pull out all the stops and organize a huge surprise party. You should have seen my poor dad's face when he went in!

5) Are you good at remembering people's birthday's and celebrations?

Not very, so I've programmed all my friends' birthdays into my Outlook, so that a notice pops up both on the day itself and a couple of days before, to give me time to get them presents, and all that.


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