Carried Away, by Donna Kauffman

>> Sunday, January 05, 2003

Yesterday I also read Donna Kauffman's Carried Away (do check out Kauffman's website, especially the "Bookshelf" section. I love how it's done).

Plot summary;


Former Special Ops commander Trevor McQuillen isn�t used to making mistakes. But when he drags sleepy, luscious Christy Russell out of bed thinking she�s someone else, even he has to admit he got the right bed, but the wrong woman. Or is she? Christy isn�t at all what he bargained for, but as the heat escalates between them, Trevor is determined to prove to the cautious Christy that he�s the right man for her....


All Christy wanted was to get some sleep when Trevor arrived to turn her life upside down—literally. But despite the bungled recon mission, she can�t help rumpling the sheets with the sexy soldier! Christy has
no intention of complicating her life with a senous relationship but Trevor's s devastating charm and passionate kisses are wearing down her resistance� How can she trust herself not to get carned away?

For some reason, this one did not really engage my attention. Maybe I was just weary of too much reading, but I kinda rushed through this one. Allowing for that, I'll give it a B-.

I liked that this one concentrated on the romance, with very few outside distractions. Ultimately, it's just the story of how Christy allows herself to take the risk of falling in love. Trevor is not particularly well done, just a perfect guy (and I do mean perfect), which means the reader can't very well understand why on earth Christy is so worried. This is a problem, because the only obstacle for this relationship is Christy's worrying.

The Vivian - Eric secondary storyline was interesting, but I'm too much of a die-hard feminist to like the way it was resolved.

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