Sensual Secrets, by Jo Leigh

>> Friday, January 24, 2003

Yesterday I read Jo Leigh's Sensual Secrets, a Harlequin Blaze.

Amelia Edwards needs to get a life — a sex life to be exact! She's living in the Big Apple where she's supposed to be meeting all kinds of single, gorgeous men. Instead she's spending too much time holed up at the cybercafé writing about her fantasies — instead of living them out! But that's about to change....

Jay Wagner has been looking for a sexy woman like Amelia. And when he accidently reads her online sensual secrets, he knows she's the one for him. Through scanning her entries, he learns exactly how to touch her body and what words will make her scream in delight. It's the perfect fantasy relationship. Until reality intrudes...and Amelia discovers he's been snooping.

Jay seduced her body. Can he now seduce Amelia's heart...?

Just a little note: the blurb I quoted is a bit misleading, in that Amelia only discovers Jay's been reading her fantasies in the last say... 30 pages of a 250 page book. This isn't really the conflict, just the little final difficulty in their relationship.

Ok, this is a good one. I've seen the Blazes get bashed a lot on-line, but I really don't find them a particularly bad line. There's some crap, there are some average reads and there are some gems. I don't know why people single them out.

As I said, this particular book is one of the winners. I'd grade it a B+. It delivers on the promise of hot sex (thought there aren't really that many love scenes. It's mostly a matter of sexual tension and some sexy foreplay scenes) but the characters are also nicely developed and the plot isn't as gimmicky as some.

Amelia was the typical repressed, shy, almost-virgin character at the beginning (but one who masturbates regularly and has a vibrator! Not that typical.), but she does change and grow during the book. I liked her much better in the end. Oh, and she was a student. You don't usually see many of those in romance. Jay was yummy. His commitment issues weren't very romantic, but they were realistic, and didn't go on for too long, thank god.

All in all, a nice book. Not a great, deep novel, but satisfying none the less.

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