>> Friday, September 13, 2002

I think I've found a new author to glom! This book was great, an A-. I had some doubts at the beginning, because I thought the whole internal lusting was too much for a guy who was supposed to be worried about his missing son, but it got much better soon afterwards.

The kidnapping subplot was intriguing, though I guessed who the kidnapper was much too soon. That's the problem with suspense category books: they don't have space for too many characters, so you have too few of them to choose the villain from.

I loved the characters here. Hunter was strong but compassionate, and though she had the backstory to be much more tortured, she had gotten over her problems. And Josh was great for her. Seeing him confront what he had become, a father whose own son is afraid of him, was very powerful stuff. Their relationship was lovely, and I liked how Josh could only let go with Hunter, and how Hunter contained him. Finally, Davis does internal lusting VERY well.


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