If a Man Answers, by Merline Lovelace

>> Saturday, September 07, 2002

I've started the other story on the Overload 2-in-1 book. It's by Merline Lovelace, and the title is If a Man Answers. The setup of this one sounds really interesting. I've liked the previous books I've read by her, so I'm expecting to like this one too.


"Molly Duncan thought she was phoning her handsome neighbor Sam Henderson with a simple noise complaint. But at the sound of gunfire, she became the innocent "witness" to a murder - and was suddenly seeking the shelter of Sam's strong embrace..."
Posted later...

I finished If a Man Answers, and it was just ok. Nothing remarkable, but entertaining and very readable. A grade of B.

The setup, which I had liked before starting the book, was actually a bit out of place here. Just an excuse to get Sam and Molly to make a truce, but after that, the whole suspense subplot didn't jibe with the overall tone of the book.

I had a couple of niggles: (1)Molly's addiction to spangles and glitter (tacky!) and (2) the fact that they went around telling everyone and his mother about Molly having heard a murder. It turned out ok, but there was no need to risk it.

Apart from the tackiness, the Vegas setting was original, and I liked it.

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