>> Monday, September 16, 2002

I've just finished Promises to Keep and I have mixed feelings about it. There were some things which were great, but others which force me to lower my grade, which is finally a B.

Let's get the bad stuff over with: I really couldn't connect with Suzanna and Joe as a couple. I didn't see any chemistry and I skimmed over their love scenes (in fact, I didn't pay much attention to most of their scenes where the plot wasn't being advanced). I just didn't care what happened to them. This would usually be enough to get a failing grade from me.

However, even if I never got to care about the main couple and this lowered my grade, I liked the book. First off, Luke and Kelsey were spectacular. Not only the piquancy of the situation (which was fun to read, the whole appeal of the forbidden ;-D), but the characters themselves. I adored Luke (I tend to prefer boyish men to alpha guys; LOL! I don't want to think what that says about me!) and Kelsey was so very ethical about the whole situation. Loved the resolution to their story, with the 7 sisters trying to interfere! And I was waiting a long time for that final love scene, which was so very well done!

The plot about the school in danger was very well executed, much better than the other book I read, though it got a bit too preachy in the last part, where the whole book started to sound like a pamphlet. It got me thinking about how different things seem to be in high schools in the US and here. They seem to spend comparatively so much time in non-academic stuff. I can't figure if that's good or bad, however.

Nit: it was weird that Suzanna's son, Josh, had so little presence in this book. He never came together as a character. What happened? Was he edited out? The other teenagers were well-drawn, but not him.


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