Whisper, by Nancy Warren

>> Sunday, September 08, 2002

The next book I'm reading is a Blaze: Whisper, by Nancy Warren. I've heard good things about it in message boards, so I have great hopes for it.

Plot summary:

"Lawyer Genna Monroe doesn't mean to eavesdrop on a private romantic liaison one sultry night in New Orleans. When she hears the man's sexy whisper, though, she feels as if he's seducing her. Now she can't get his voice out of her mind, and just thinking of him isn't enough. She has to have his body, too....

Nick Cavallo knows of his best friend's desires for a secret rendezvous, and is more than willing to fulfill them. He's wanted Genna for longer than he can remember, and who cares if their steamy nights need to be anonymous? Provided she never finds out the truth, he's happy...and so is she. But when Nick wants more than just hot sex, he's not sure if Genna will want the man behind the voice...."

I usually find books where the heroine meets the hero in disguise (or vice-versa) and doesn't recognize him a little problematic. It's a little like believing Lois Lane doesn't recognize Superman is really Clark Kent because he's not wearing glasses!Posted later...

Oh wow! Whisper's "Burning" rating in the AAR review was well earned! This was a B for me. I liked it, and amazingly enough, it was believable that Genna didn't recognize Nick. And BTW, come on! He should have imagined she wasn't going to be very happy when she found out the truth.

Was I the only one who felt uncomfortable reading a scene with the hero having (or almost having) sex with another woman with the heroine watching? It recovered from that, however, and I forgot that scene.

The problem I had with this one was that it felt like there was a prequel somewhere, where we see why and how Nick falls in love with Genna, but I didn't find anything in Warren's backlist. This was where the book wasn't as good as it could have been: we never really see that Nick loves her.

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