>> Sunday, September 01, 2002

What a perfect book! Definitely an A+. I didn't want it to end, I liked it so much!

Molly was great, and though I didn't expect it, Kevin was lovely. I hadn't really liked SEP's previous books very much, but this one has converted be into a fan. Every aspect here was strong: the humour, Kevin and Molly's relationship, the plot, the secondary love story... everything. The book was filled with little details which made everything come alive

I adored Molly's books, and would have loved to read something like them when I was a child. The SKIFSA thing was very current and original, and the scary part is that it wasn't at all far-fetched. I also very much enjoyed all the modern stuff references (Prada, Comme des Garçons, Harry Potter, etc), it made it very contemporary. In a few years it may sound dated, but it was perfect for now

The secondary characters deserve a special mention here. Lilly and Liam's love story was very, very sweet, and Amy and Troy were LOL funny. Phoebe and Dan I didn't like very much (too dominating, and butted in too much into Molly's life), but their children were incredible, especially Hannah in that softball match!

The campground description was very well done, and the place sounded perfect. Very Nightingale Woods.

Finally, it was great that there wasn't much football here!


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