In His Wildest Dreams, by Debbi Rawlins

>> Sunday, September 29, 2002

I've read a lot today. I finished one book and am already 40 pages into another one (more on that one in my next post. The one I've already finished is In His Wildest Dreams, by Debbi Rawlins, a Blaze


"Nick Ryder isn't happy about anyone analyzing his dreams, even if it's only as a favor to his sister's friend Emma. But after getting an eyeful of Emma au naturel, his dreams become more like an X-rated movie — with Emma in the starring role! Which would be fine — if Emma didn't expect him to share every little detail with her....

With her graduate degree in jeopardy, Emma Snow knows she should be grateful to Nick for volunteering at the last minute. But when the playboy's provocative dreams start to become her fantasies, she has a hard time separating work from play. Somehow she has to get Nick to take her study seriously. And it would be a lot easier if Emma wasn't so tempted to make all of Nick's erotic dreams come true...."

It wasn't at all good, a C-. The main reason I didn't care for it was because no way these two people were in love with each other at the end of the book. They barely knew each other! Emma was ok, a bit too much of a stereotypical Harlequin heroine, but ok. Nick was charming, and a very refreshing character: a guy who didn't see working a 9-to-5 job as a virtuous thing, who had made lots of money and was enjoying it (while also doing some volunteer work, of course! ;-D) before even turning 30. But this good character wasn't enough to save this book.

There were too many other things which bothered me:

  • Matchmaking, desperate-for-the-H/h-to-have-kids mama and sister. Irritating!
  • The supposedly smoking hot fantasies Nick told Emma were completely un-erotic for me. Maybe it's just me but the scenario of a guy having sex with several women at the same time does absolutely nothing for me.
  • NO love scenes (in a Blaze!). I suppose they must have thought the fantasies made up for it, but since I didn't like the fantasies...
  • Her discovering the magazine while he left her alone for 5 minutes in the garage before she'd go in to make love was a terribly improbable plot device.
  • When Nick started telling her fake dreams, it showed a terrible disregard for her work. I realize he was called on it, but it was an out-of-character thing for him to do. At the very least, he should have realized the consequences this could have on her research.

Anyway, this one goes to my trade list.

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