>> Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Last week I received part of the contents of an M-Bag full of books from the US. The other part? Since one of the boxes inside it got banged up and "burst at the seam", according to my friend who'd sent it, it went back to her and had to be sent again. Argghhh!!

I'm really starting to think that the Uruguayan mail is better than its US counterpart. I notice that when I trade books with someone there (my Trade Pages here, in case someone's interested), and we both send it the cheapest way available, I pay less postage and my books get there much, much sooner. Basically, the cheapest shipping here is Reduced Priority Air, and it's cheaper than sending something using surface mail from the US. So, when I trade with Americans, they usually get their books before 2 weeks, while I have to wait up to 3 months.


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