>> Monday, May 19, 2003

On the personal news' front, I've had a sort-of job change. I'm still working for the same organization, but I'm temporarily filling in for someone who's on leave at the department where I used to work. I love my present job, so I can't say I'm too ecstatic about the change, but since it's only for a little while, I'll be ok. At least, I hope it is for a little while. My new boss (who used to be my ex-boss ;-) mentioned today, while talking of a completely different subject, that "There's nothing as permanent as what's supposed to be temporary". I hope there was no hidden meaning there!

There are some better news, too. My contract was supposed to be over at the end of May, but it now appears very probable that it'll be renewed. I had good hopes that it would be, but it's a relief to hear that it's "99% certain". There's always that other 1% though... It would be pretty terrible to become unemployed. I might have mentioned this already, but the unemployment rate in Uruguay for women up to 25 years of age (like yours truly), is hovering near 50%.


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