Witchcraft, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Witchcraft, by Jayne Anne Krentz.

Mystery writer Kimberly Sawyer received a single blood-red rose with a needle thrust into its heart -- and she was terrified. Then, just as she remembered Darius Cavenaugh's promise to help her anytime, anywhere, he appeared at her door. How had he known she needed him? Was it the deep, intuitive intimacy of a soul mate . . . or witchcraft?
This was a B-, definitely not one of JAK's best efforts.

I liked the fact that it was the heroine who had commitment issues here. I really understood where Kim was coming from, why she didn't want to need anyone, and I felt she changed too quickly and easily. Also, I thought Darius was out of line with what he did aboug her grandparents. I liked that until the end she tells him that what he did was wrong, even though she forgives him.

Darius was a bit too high-handed and arrogant for me. I didn't like him much, actually, and I enjoyed seeing him grovel. And a nit: I've no idea how to pronounce his last name ,Cavenaugh, which is what Kim called him all the time. It felt weird.

The witchcraft thing was a bit lame, IMO. JAK apparently wasn't much good with suspense subplots in her first books.

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