Badge of Honor, by Justine Davis

>> Thursday, October 03, 2002

After this, I started a book I just received yesterday: Badge of Honor, by Justine Davis. It looks good so far, though a lot of the first 50 pages has been used recounting the exploits of what seem to be characters in previous novels by this author. There have been quite a few hints dropped already about a certain Clay Yeager. Luckily, I also got his book yesterday!

Plot summary:

"Rank Had Its Privileges...

But they didn't include getting involved with a subordinate. Police chief Miguel de los Reyes had worked with Sergeant Kit Walker for years, but never this closely. Now, he found himself looking for excuses to be near her, to touch her ... and to ravish her irresistible mouth with his.

All Kit had ever wanted was to be a cop. There was no room in her life for love. But she couldn't deny the racing of her pulse when Miguel was near. Still, even if Miguel felt the same about her, it wasn't exactly the wisest career move to fall for the chief of police.

Posted later...

Badge of Honor was a lovely book. My grade for it is a B+.

I really appreciated that Miguel and Kit were actual grown-ups, who didn't always think with their hormones and went into their relationship with both eyes open. This is actually original, in a genre where characters more often than not act like brats. Not here, where before getting involved, they evaluated the possible consequences thoroughly. Or actually, a little too much. It came to a point where I felt they had already thought about everything and were just going around in circles. But that's just a tiny niggle; I found this aspect of it enjoyable.

The characters themselves were great: Kit was a smart, decent woman and Miguel was, IMHO, the perfect beta hero. Hmm, maybe I'm biased. It's possible that I liked him so much because I much prefer betas to alphas.

The plot was good, and liked that the final confrontation was mercifully short and effective. I HATED Robards, but his portrayal was a bit too heavy handed to my tastes.

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