Manhunting, by Jennifer Crusie

>> Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Yesterday, I felt like a fast read, so I decided to go with one of Jennifer Crusie's category books. I've read my favourite, Anyone But You a million times already, so I decided to give Manhunting a go.


"Kate Svenson knew exactly what she wanted in a man - he had to be tall, handsome, distinguished and, most of all, successful. So she went on a serious manhunting excursion at a singles resort, bound and determined to hunt down Mr. Right or die in the attempt!

There was the tall, handsome, distinguished groper whom she ended upo pushing in the pool. There was the tall, handsome, distinguished snob whom she stabbed with a fork. And then there was Jake Templeton.

Okay, Jake was tall, handsome and sexy as all get out. But he didn't have a distinguished or aggressive bone in his body and was content to laze about and enjoy life. He was exactly what she didn't want. Right?

I enjoyed it, and would rate it a B. I really prefer Crusie's categories to her latest single titles. I guess I like the humour better, since it's slightly less cynical. I LOLed at parts, and even liked the physical humour, though I'm not usually a big fan of slapstick.

There's a lot to like here. I always enjoy the "friends falling in love" storyline, and I loved the protagonists. Jake was easy to like, but I soon warmed up to Kate, who seemed to be a little more problematic. Also, the story was completely character driven, which is the way I prefer it.

I had two problems with this book. First, I didn't like the ending. It just didn't jibe with the rest of the book. Second, it had an anti-business undertone which bothered me at times.

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