>> Friday, October 04, 2002

Badge of Honor was a lovely book. My grade for it is a B+.

I really appreciated that Miguel and Kit were actual grown-ups, who didn't always think with their hormones and went into their relationship with both eyes open. This is actually original, in a genre where characters more often than not act like brats. Not here, where before getting involved, they evaluated the possible consequences thoroughly. Or actually, a little too much. It came to a point where I felt they had already thought about everything and were just going around in circles. But that's just a tiny niggle; I found this aspect of it enjoyable.

The characters themselves were great: Kit was a smart, decent woman and Miguel was, IMHO, the perfect beta hero. Hmm, maybe I'm biased. It's possible that I liked him so much because I much prefer betas to alphas.

The plot was good, and liked that the final confrontation was mercifully short and effective. I HATED Robards, but his portrayal was a bit too heavy handed to my tastes.


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