Clay Yeager's Redemption, by Justine Davis

>> Sunday, October 06, 2002

Yesterday was a very productivereading day. Apart from the Leto book, I also read another one by Justine Davis. Yes, it was 2 category books, but still... The Justine Davis book was Clay Yeager's Redemption (BTW, how do you pronounce "Yeager"? Does anyone know?).

Plot summary:

"Casey Scott was used to stray animals wandering onto her property. But stray men? A series of menacing midnight calls had alarmed her senses, so the dark, rugged looks of the mysterious loner were enough to frighten her. If she were smart, she'd think twice about letting him work on her ranch - but the sexy stranger was hard to ignore.

Clay Yeager knew there was more to Casey Scott than met the eye, and this beautiful rancher was stirring up emotions he'd thought were long dead. Would the ex-cop be able to forget his past and protect this woman he couldn't live without?

It was a great book, an A- for me. I adored the love story, but the best part was the ending, which brought a sense of closure for the whole series.

This was a very emotional, angsty read, and one I enjoyed very much. Clay's reaction to his tragedy was heart-breaking, as was his finally realizing he was slowly getting over it (fighting the recovery all the way, BTW). I thought Casey was the perfect match for him.

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