>> Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I've again started to read 2 books. The first is Patricia Ryan's Heaven's Fire. I'm always a bit cautious about starting a medieval by an author I've never tried before, but I've heard great things about this one. Also, a guy who's active in the AAR message boards once said that the only romance in which he'd felt the hero really thought like a man was one of hers. So I'll give her a shot.


"Young Constance was practically a slave, waiting to be taken at will by the cruel Sir Roger Foliot. But Sir Roger did not count on her ability to escape from him into the protection of priest, Oxford scholar, and sworn celibate, Rainulf Fairfax.

Now Rainulf and Constance have a lesson to learn about love...how unstoppable it is...what it will cost them...and what the priceless ecstacy of sharing a future--forever--can be."


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