>> Sunday, October 27, 2002

I finished My Sexiest Mistake in one sitting. It was GREAT! An A-.

Like Vicki Lewis Thompson's Acting on Impulse, this one is what I though (or wished) the Blaze line would be like. Real adult people, with modern lives. Cade and Ryan were all that (though Ryan was a little bit too inexperienced for my taste). They had interesting jobs, and I actually identified with Ryan, working in a job she didn't like (for the record, I love the job I have now. I'm talking about when I worked in a bank's Marketing department.), and wanting to switch jobs but wanting to be sure of the next one before she left her current job. And it was fun that she was a romance writer. Loved it when Cade asked her what she wrote and she said "Hmm, Women's Fiction"! And when Helene wants her to hire a publicist and she says "I'm not exactly Nora Roberts"? LOL! I only had one little quibble with Cade's job. Hardy never mentions if this is happening before or after the dot-com bomb, so I kept worrying that eTrain.com would go bust in a few months. Do you know how few dot-com IPOs were successful after this?

I also loved the fact that both Ryan and Cade had friends. Becka, especially, was great, so I was happy to find out her story's coming out next year.

But the best part was the great chemistry between Cade and Ryan. Their falling in love was very believable, and the love scenes were HOT!. However, the only thing that I didn't like about the book also relates to their relationship, and it was the ending. I'm realizing I don't like it when it's the heroine who says "I love you" first and the hero who runs away. I don't like it when the roles are reversed either, but at least I can tolerate it. In this case, the ending also felt a little rushed.

Anyway, it was still a great book, in spite of a few little problems.


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