Double the Pleasure, by Julie Elizabeth Leto

>> Saturday, October 05, 2002

I also read a Blaze today, Double the Pleasure, by Julie Elizabeth Leto. It's a double release, supposed to be read together with Double the Thrill, by Susan Kearney. The basic plot is two twins, Zane and Grey Masterson, who switch places with each other. Each of the books describes the experiences of one of them. The one I read deales with Grey's story. Kearney's book, about Zane, takes place within the same timeframe.


The Man... Newspaperman Grey Masterson. He's responsible, conservative...and he's at the end of his rope! Only, little does he guess that when he and his brother, Zane, switch places, he's in for even more excitement....

The Woman... Jewelry designer Reina Price. She's smart, she's sexy and she knows it. She uses her sensuality to keep her where she wants to be — in charge. Only, with her friend "Zane" she's suddenly lost her edge — and her control. And she's liking it far too much....

The Pleasure... After a sexy tell-all book by his former lover hits the stands, Grey Masterson discovers he's suddenly notorious. He's even acquired a stalker! "Becoming" his reckless, wild, identical twin brother, Zane, for a while might be just the break Grey needs. Only, once he meets Zane's friend, sultry Reina Price, he discovers there's no rest for the wicked. Luckily, Grey's planning to be very bad....

Unfortunately, while the setup sounds interesting, the book itself was really boring. I literally skimmed through the last 50 pages. I don't know what the problem was, exactly, just that I didn't connect with these 2 people. At first glance, they were just the type of characters I enjoy: Grey a nice, decent, hardworking guy, who nevertheless has a wild side and Reina a sophisticated, adult woman, with a healthy attitude towards sex. But... maybe it was my mood or something, but they just didn't catch my attention.

It didn't help my opinion of this book that the suspense part of it was very, very lame, and the explanation too far-fetched and involving too many people. My grade for this is a C+, and it goes straight to my trade list.

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