>> Saturday, October 05, 2002

I've been lazy. I've finished both Body Electric and another book (next post!) and not posted! Gasp! Ok, let's get up to date.

Body Electric was enjouyable. The problem was that it reminded me a bit of Asaro's Phoenix Code, but wasn't nearly as well done; not the characters and not the development of the AI plot.

Jodie was the best part here, as was the bare bones of the plot (it asked a lot of questions but never went into enough depth exploring them). Vic, however, was a bit more problematic. I was cool towards her at first, and though I warmed up to her eventually, she was a bit too disfunctional for me to believe she had become sane by the end of the book. The villain was too over-the-top, though I enjoyed his come-uppance by the end of the book. And maybe I'm too much of a romance reader, but I hated that Jodie slept with Bob's wife. Absolutely no need for it.


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